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Our best advice is our
only product.

RVA Wealth Management is an independent firm that takes a personalized approach to financial planning and wealth management that incorporates each client’s goals, assets and risk tolerance. Our in-house expertise is complemented by extensive market research enabling us to provide our clients with comprehensive and integrated investment management services.


Your purpose is our passion.

Our credentialed advisors have over 60 years of combined experience in the financial services industry, including 5 years working together as a team. In our office, we pride ourselves on ethics, morals and family values. We combine those with our skills, education and experience to help meet our client’s financial goals and objectives.


Success starts with strategy.

We believe a strong planning process is the best way to create a pathway to success. At RVA Wealth Management, we use a goal-focused planning process. If you don’t have a target, you can’t hit it. Another key feature of our financial planning process is that it is a true collaborative effort. 


We help our clients prepare thoughtfully, invest wisely and give generously.

At RVA Wealth Management we believe in a strategy that looks

beyond the day-to-day distractions of the financial markets and instead focuses on your long-term objectives is how planning should be done. 

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