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We help our clients prepare thoughtfully, invest wisely and give generously.

At RVA Wealth Management we believe a strategy that looks beyond the day-to-day distractions of the financial markets and instead focuses on your long-term objectives is how planning should be done.

Every plan is tailored to match your personal goals, which might include:


Preparing for a Secure Retirement


Maintaining Your Lifestyle in Retirement


Wealth Accumulation


Cash Flow Analysis


Equity Compensation Analysis


Insurance Review & Planning


Planning for College


Reduce Tax Liability


Legacy Planning


Charitable Giving

We help you set clear priorities, weighing, perhaps, the goal of your retirement against the desire to buy a vacation home or to help children or grandchildren attend college. In addition to accounting for where you want to be in the future, our approach will reflect where you’re starting from today. That means we take into account your assets, debts, tax considerations, feelings about risk and how much time you have to reach your goals. We will coordinate with your tax, legal and estate planning professionals to make sure that we keep taxes low and provide for the most efficient transfer of assets to the next generation or your charities.


Balancing Rewards and Risks

Prudent investment planning doesn’t merely focus on opportunities for gains. To reach your goals, it’s just as important to address the many risks presented by today’s economy and volatile markets. That’s why diversification* is a critical cornerstone in any investment plan. Even investments that do well over time tend to have their ups and downs. But to the extent that some of your investments rise while others fall, the overall volatility of your portfolio may be reduced. This is especially important in retirement. However, diversification alone is not enough, we also change investment sector weightings based on market conditions to keep risk as low as possible given your specific goals while providing a reasonable return.

*Diversification does not protect against loss of principle.


Our best advice is our only product.

Whether your objective is to build a nest egg, retain your assets or preserve your lifestyle throughout retirement, we help you plan your future with confidence.

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