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Our best advice is our only product.

Whether your objective is to build a nest egg, retain your assets or preserve your lifestyle throughout retirement, we help you plan your future with confidence.

Client Focused

We consider every client a part of our family and hold integrity as our most important value. Taking a look at the whole picture, we analyze where you are now and plan strategically for where you want to be. We meet regularly with you to make sure your plan remains on course and is adjusted as needed to reach your goals. When you work with the professionals at RVA Wealth Management, you will get well informed and balanced financial advice based on your needs and what is in your best interest. 

Luxury Beach House


As an independent firm, our clients benefit from our ability to consider a broader range of solutions, as we are not beholden to any bank, brokerage firm or insurance company to sell their products. Our firm's investment advisor representatives act as a fiduciary for your managed assets. In this capacity we are ethically bound to always pursue what is in the best interest of our clients. We work for our clients only, and our best advice is our only product.

Wealth Preservation

Our first objective is asset preservation; our second is asset growth. Since most of our clients are retired or close to retirement, they tend to be more concerned about loss than about growth. They want to retain their accumulated wealth and understand how it can be used to provide income and keep up with inflation. RVA Wealth Management specializes in helping retirees maintain and enjoy their lifestyle, no matter what the market might do. 


Our team members value ongoing education to strengthen and expand their industry knowledge. We draw on this experience along with extensive market research and work as a team with you to empower you to make sound financial decisions each step of the way. We believe our best client is an educated client, so we continually offer retirement planning classes and educational workshops. It is important for you to understand the how, what and why of your investment decisions.

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