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Financial Advisor

Robin Colton


When someone asks me what I do for work, I tell them that I help people live the lives that they want. It sounds abstract, but that is what I do for my clients as their Financial Advisor. The key part of that job title is Advisor, and for more than two decades I have had the honor of walking with my clients through their financial lives.


When I was growing up, I was introverted and in my own shell. I didn’t really know what I wanted to do, how to get where I wanted to go, and was waiting for direction. I knew that I was interested in math, numbers, and money, so I went to school to study Economics. During my studies, I came out of my shell and realized that people are my passion and numbers are my talent. I found the career of Financial Advisor from seeing people in my life go down this career path. They were helping people, around people, and connected to people. I wanted that. I got my first job as an Advisor in 1999 and I haven’t looked back.


I believe that finding financial balance takes understanding your priorities. Your money follows your passions, so I help my clients prioritize what they value the most through financial planning, guidance, and support. It’s just that simple. My goal is to stay active and healthy, so I spend half of my time living in Richmond, the other half living in sunny Arizona, and one hundred percent of it with Jack Jack, my mini aussiedoodle. We go on walks, hikes, and many other outdoor activities. I love having the opportunity to help clients live out their goals.

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